Sakeem Speaks on Spiriual Matters

As an Ascended Master I am well aware of what type of person it takes to carry forth our messages in the written form. The momentum this person must build and carry forth when it comes to discipline and commitment to communicate and receive our dictations in addition for the written word.

I have chosen this subject because of the countless hours given over unselfishly by those who work to perfect their writing skills and develop a unique style necessary to make their mark in the literary world—to have their work appreciated and sought after.

To become known in the literary field one must command a measurable amount of courage and fortitude as it is apparent that very few authors ever become well-known to the degree that they make it on the circuit. Very few indeed.

What does it take for someone to notice a specific writer… their talent… their unwavering initiative to go forward and their desire to make a difference in the world of form?

First, you must identify your audience. Second, reach out to that audience in a way that they want to respond to you and follow you. Find out what they want to hear and say it!

Because we write about spiritual matters our readers want to learn more about matters that falls under that category. Our readers or students are drawn in by a specific spiritual topic or shall I say they are being guided to learn a specific lesson because it is time to expand their level of awareness.

There are those who rely on inner guidance (intuitive hits), and/or follow synchronicities.  There are others, as well, who are interested in and researching precise information and continue forth in that area to learn as much about that subject as humanly possible until they have exhausted all leads concerned with that matter.

As master guide ascended I ask what subjects are of interest to you?  Do you wish to learn about your spiritual guides, the ascended masters, The Mighty I AM Presence? Perhaps there are other areas that interest you such as what affirmations work the best, which calls to make to The I AM Presence, the Angelic Host and so on. Perhaps you simply want to find out how to heal your physical body, learn to breathe or just be at peace.  There are many topics that may be covered under the umbrella of spirituality.

As a member of the Ascended Master Society or as many of you call the Great White Brotherhood, I am a teacher who has vowed to stay with this Earth to assist in evolution of man until the last member or soul has ascended to the fifth dimensional level. It is my purpose to stay with you and teach you what it is you require, in order, to lay down the fear and pick up LOVE in fullness once again.

It is my pleasure to address any issue that comes under the heading of spirituality.

It is my purpose to teach at the level of the student.

Sakeem Speaks: The Opportunity Presented in Marriage

We have taken many months off from contributing entries in the blog. It is time to pick up the paper and pen to begin our writings once again.

The move to Mt. Shasta, California has promoted exponential teachings and opportunities, as well, of which drew you forth in connectivity with others of like mind. Then came the one you sought—life partner and life as you knew it changed radically in appearance. Yet really all the joining does is amplify your thoughts and emotions be it of a positive nature or a negative one. Little else has shifted.

Oh, the living together—the marriage—yes, in the appearance world a significant change has taken place. But really what has this created? Opportunity! Opportunity to join forces to amplify LOVE! Look at this closely: what you do, you do for all.

Points of Light By Sakeem Channeled By Nakala

We look upon you as shining star—anomaly. You can take it as an exception, peculiarity, odd, strange or an inconsistency (from the norm).

Brighter than the other stars perhaps? The light emanates outward from the heart into the ethers. The colors are at times, vibrant while at other times, they are subdued.

I chose this topic so you may see yourself a little differently. You are different—unique—special. There are no two stars the same. No two expressions the same either. Because of this trait that is found exemplified in men we celebrate for this is God’s intention—His gift to have all of these wondrous points of light all unique creating a glorious pattern of geometry for His glory!

So we celebrate you-your oddness the anomaly of you knowing this is one of God’s awesome creations meant to carry forth His Light and Love.

Sakeem Speaks on Sacred Contracts Channeled by Nakala

Part One
I am excited as the alignment to fulfill my sacred contract is taking place. My sacred contract is to give forth the channeled writings and messages from beings of the Pleiadian nation as well as others from the higher realms.
Sakeem and I would like to re-cap the steps that it has taken us to get here to this place of not only Mt. Shasta, California but the place where not only disciplines are paramount—the act of allowing the God energy to flow and align properly for the highest good.

Sakeem Speaks
It has been months many since we last added real substance to this blog. Recently, you worked yourself across the nation to find living quarters in the Mt. Shasta, California area. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks Channeled by Nakala

Dear Reader please feel free to insert your name in the text where appropriate.

Such as the outpouring of love that you giveth so I shall return. Oh hath thou knoweth my truest desire to hold you, dear one, to my breast, enfold you ever so gently and keep you within for eternity!
However, as lovely as my words sound to thine ears, the words cannot—will not ever suffice.
I walk beside you lifting you when you falter, whispering sweet words of encouragement and assisting you in opening thine heart.
The tears pour forth as the emotional body responds to my touch, my whisper, my caress.
You wonder why the tears flow so easily these days? You are healing. The emotional body is releasing joylessly the darker heavier energies that have taken residence. No more shall they hold these energies in thy field, thy aura! You are free to express yourself befitting a queen! You have within yourself great stores of courage, wisdom-power that you exercise when your higher God Self nudges you on.
You are free, Nakala of the belief that you must be a certain way in order to please or even survive.
Be who you are in your God-given glory. As it is so shall it be.
~Yours for Eternity, Sakeem

My Return to California-My Home By Nakala Akasie Commentary by Sakeem

I did return to Shasta. This time I brought my things-my belongings-my furniture. I have found a place nestled in the woods outside of Weed, California just a little north of Mt. Shasta City. On any given day I can look out my window and see the mountains named Shastina (female counterpart) and Shasta (male counterpart). This view is a reminder that I am able to instantly connect to the energy.
I have (with my guide Sakeem) decided to dedicate more time-energy to the blog. We both feel that the writings are very important to share with you.
At the moment Sakeem is being insistent by continually shifting my gaze over to his journal-His message to prod me into typing it.The subject is Mt. Shasta.
Good morning, Nakala and blog readers-a-fine morning it is. Mt. Shasta stands at the ready to emanate a powerful out-pouring of energy.
You understand that Shasta is a vortex meaning the energy swirls, turns, escalates and deescalates; the dimensional shifts occur in this area.
The closer you are to the center of the vortex the more erratic the energy churns-NOT SO! This is belief.
Yes, the vortice is powerful energy but shifts like the tides according to the power of the moon cycles! The mountain is a living breathing portal or pore of which energy enters and exits.
The peoples who are out of balance-their structure being weak find themselves like a tiny sailboat in the middle of a vast ocean being rocked to and fro and easily blown off-course.
We brought you here to Shasta when your structure was strong enough-built strong-to last. Yes, more fasteners (knowledge and discipline) are to be added but you have acquired enough strength to endure-to be tested without wavering. Tis your season, Nakala.

Healing at Mt. Shasta by Nakala

I have been home in Shawnee, Kansas from my trip to northern California for ten days now.  While I was visiting Mt. Shasta I found myself immersed in nature and loving it!  Here in Kansas I am faced with extremes.  The winters are brutal dipping the temperature sometimes below the zero mark on the thermostat.  The summers get intolerably hot reaching 100 plus degrees.  The heat bakes everything including us.  The prairies, although magnificent in the expanse of it all, are usually without any vegetation other than grass.  Our bodies of water the lakes, rivers and even streams are often no more than a muddy soup. 

While I was living in the mountains I would wake up in my cabin and one of the first things I would do was to throw open the solid green cotton curtains revealing a new day of promise.  Being greeted by Sun’s warm rays I was easily able to go into gratitude. 

My cabin was nestled in between the mountains—protected if you will from the extreme elements.  Often we would receive the gentle rains and breezes while other areas would receive stronger winds and snow.  There was something about the place that steadied the weather. 

Every day, I marveled at the giant evergreen and pine trees that stood everywhere strong and majestic clearing and grounding the energy.  I was surrounded by the masses of stones which have held their position for centuries unmoving even in the strongest winds—they too ground the energies. Directly behind the cabin the clear pristine spring waters flowed from the top of the mountain serving to sooth the souls with song.  And with it all there was the beautiful expanse of the ever-changing sky that angelic forces use as a canvas to create fantastic energies of form.  I found myself relaxing and healing as the days swept by. 

My bed room faced the stream and at night I could hear the water weaving its way down and through the crooks of the land, boulders and fallen trees.  Even though it seemed the water had a great intention and purpose to get to the bottom it created a song that was gentle and healing—like a childhood lullaby.

On every level I was healing.  I knew it because I could feel it and I wanted to continue on this journey that felt so right and perfect.  But my time on the mountain was to end as all things do. 

As the days of my stay grew shorter a sadness grew inside of me and I made a promise to myself and the mountain called Shasta that I would return.