And the Two shall Become One by Nakala Akasie

Directly after I had moved to Weed, California I subscribed to an Internet Magazine so I could get familiar with what was happening in the community. This magazine allows the subscriber to post needs like if they want to post an event, sell an item or are looking for an item. I had stuff that I wanted to unload that I no longer wanted. It was a great tool to get connected.

Shortly after I had subscribed I saw an ad requesting moving boxes. I had so many boxes that I had begun to throw them out.  I decided what the heck maybe I could get a few dollars for them so I called the number and talked to a woman offering her what I had and yes, I’d take a donation if she felt inclined.

Immediately, this woman came to my home and picked up the boxes. I invited her in because I rather liked her. We began to talk of our interests—our spiritual path and so on. She then invited me to a weekly decree group in Mt. Shasta that she and her “partner” were putting together. Continue reading

Learning to Breathe by Nakala Akasie



Most of my blog entries are dedicated to the Beings of Light who have come to me to share their wisdom: God’s Truth through their messages of hope, peace, and love.

Today, however, I am choosing to write of my own experiences. After a 35 year marriage I chose to leave my partner in search of a higher understanding of how God wanted to work through me.

Intrinsically, I knew that I had been on a path working with Spirit and my partner had not been. For me, I required my own space, my own separate life so I could fully concentrate on the teachings that I received from the Masters of Light. My way of life-hearing the messages of many Masters was causing a rift between the two of us. For him, my life had become too radical—unbelievable.  For some if you can’t see it just ain’t so. That my friend is part of Life.

Many travels later I aligned with a man of a much higher expression of God. In other words, he is filled with Light and knowingly spreads this Light wherever he goes and whatever he does. I feel so blessed to have found my way to another soul to share my life with.

As a Channel of Light, I have dedicated my life to working with the Masters, Archangels, and my own Spiritual Guidance.  I am learning to breathe through different trials and tests that come my way. This means to take each moment and Be with it. “Create your moments all as you traverse throughout your day in love and harmony. Recognize any resistance and transmute it quickly by calling upon Saint Germain’s Legions of Violet Ray Angels and ask them to assist you in blazing the Violet Fire through you and around you transmuting all unbeneficial energy into Pure Love and Light.”

Each day is a day full of wonder and promise that is a renewal of God expression through the physical manifestation-our world. ~Nakala

Sakeem Speaks as a Resident of Telos the City of Light, Mt. Shasta, California Channeled by Nakala

In Telos, The City of Light located inside Mt. Shasta, California, there are many different Spheres of Light (people) who have taken residence there and who visit or stay for periods of time because of activity: be it a visit with friends or family or possibly an organized meeting of some sort to create anew.

Always we are evolving bringing in more Light in the form of new ideas or concepts or the expansion there in the fields of spirituality, technology, communications, production of various products, the arts, and so on. We are just as you in the way that always we are raising our consciousness. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks What is an Ascended Master? Post Six Channeled by Nakala

There have been those who have attempted to define what an ascended master is. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to explain what an ascended master does.

As an ascended master myself I can speak from an experiential point of view. First off I am a man who has a life much like the others I work beside. As I have stated before, I have a counterpart—a wife—my beloved of whom I share my experience with. She, Sebrina, is an integral part of my support system. We have children together. We pray for them daily. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks on Matters of the Heart, Post Five Channeled by Nakala

Matters of the Heart is a complicated matter…or is it? If you truly listen to your heart—the desires, there in, are greatly simplified. One does not agonize over decisions. If you truly listen you always know what the Mighty I AM Presence (the God in you) wishes you (the physical embodiment of God or Itself) to experience.

The complicated portion of this idea is when a person has too many activities—life is full of drama—one has listened to the Ego for so long that he has forgotten how to feel with his heart or even that it communicates with and to the conscious awareness.

Perhaps you take yourself back to the basics and sit in a quiet space. Make this a daily gift to yourself. You certainly deserve this time to connect and recharge. Forget the day’s activities. Open the mind to the stillness that is the beginning of creation. Allow yourself to BE. It is then that life slows down and you are able to listen to the Matters of the Heart. ~Blessings~

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To Change Our Identities

Sakeem Speaks: Do Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides Have Mates? Post four Channeled by Nakala

I specifically wanted to address this issue because all are intended to have the experience and support of having a counterpart.

As an ascended master, I have worked for many years on many levels or realms as a teacher. At the present time, I am working as a teacher for people on the physical realm, not only, but for those who are coming up in the ranks as guides. I also teach those who are nearing the time of embodiment.   All must be learned on the inner levels then pulled down, if you will, the teachings into the lower consciousness to be used through the physical embodiment. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks of Life in the Higher Realms Post Three Channeled by Nakala

To continue my dictation concerning the opportunity I was given to work with Nakala Akasie it is quite the ordeal to give of oneself in service to assist one in the uplifting. The ordeal I speak of is not that it is sufferable but a commitment to the cause, the group, and  the recipient. The uplifting is the constant outpouring of radiation to the student. In this case, it is Nakala.

Continue reading