Cosmic Deities Lord Neptune & Lady Lunara


Lord Neptune and Lady Lunara begin communications.

As one of  the messengers for the Pleiadian Counsel of Light I receive messages from many of the cosmic beings. It is part of the expansion of awareness-illumination and part of becoming educated and more open to these beings that gives them permission, if you will, to begin communications.

Lord Neptune and Lady Lunara both began communicating with me and educating me even and today asked me to begin sharing those entries with you.


January 2, 2017

You have beside you one of my discourses (off the Internet) You’ll make note, if you do your homework, that there are few writings available for those who wish to expand their knowledge on the etherea; consciousness and what it entails. I offer to you tomorrow. [Lord Neptune was saying that tomorrow he would share more with me after I did a search.]

You have beside you background of humanity: why you as a collective consciousness are in the state of affairs as you are.

We continue on to educate those who have chosen to listen and have chosen to spread the teachings to others.

We, Lunara and I, have watched you & Ray El (my husband) for some time in hopes that someday you might reach out to us and offer your energies to bring together unity in a more expanded way-to bring forth the humans in a conscious manner to breed a partnership.

As you said yesterday, “We must begin somewhere.”  With God’s children who are aware is our way in. Tomorrow, please we meet again.

Disclosure: The Pleiadians are Here

Are you interested in why the Pleiadian star people and others like them are here?

Lately, in the media there have been pubic announcements from several countries that we are definitely not alone. Conclusion: for the US public disclosure is imminent.

Even though, for over seventy years, certain United States government officials have participated in communications with benevolent alien nations and received valuable data to advance our technologies with the intention to benefit our world, the government has chosen to remain silent for fear the information would leak out into the wrong hands (other countries). We have been left to draw our own conclusions to what these beings want from us.

During this same period of time the aliens have been establishing connections with people of all races, social classes, and educational standing in effort to educate the masses that there are benevolent beings here to assist in our evolution.

Sightings by civilians of UFO crafts and of the beings themselves are becoming more prevalent. Beings are establishing higher dimensional “bases” in the airspace and on/in the Earth as well. These locations and communications have been kept secret until disclosure of those sites and activities have been sanctioned by those of higher authority.

The Pleiadians are not the only race in our Galaxy that have revealed their presence.

This website is for those who have an affinity to the Pleiadians or other Beings of Light.

The purpose of this site and the Pleiadian Traveler books are to

  • Inspire you to re-connect with your spirituality—to remember who you are

  • Give you guidance on your path to spiritual mastery

  • Increase your understanding enabling you to heal from past trauma

Greetings From Telos (Mt. Shasta, CA)


December 14, 2016

Messenger: Tabitha of Telos

Channeled by Nakala

Greetings from Telos!

We come today to gift you with Holiday Cheer!

fotosearchu16880053Many of you have come to the Mt. Shasta area by answering a personal call. You, Nakala, received a personal invitation from Adama several years ago to come here. Later you received another call from the inner realms to come home.

The word home is a code that evokes memory of a place that is most cherished with people who are family who love you and support you. Home is a place where you feel at peace—your ego is no longer in control: you have laid it down at last. Home is the resurrection of the mind, dear one, unity consciousness. Home is a state of consciousness—oneness— that exemplifies the union of the I AM with the lower consciousness.

This home is what you seek. Through the teachings that are gifted to you by limitless resources you will find your way home.

Ask for guidance from God, Allow the guidance to be given to you, and Accept it as a gift from those of the heavenly realms!

We send our blessings to you who seek the Way, the Truth, and the Light!

~Team Comterous

Life Empowerment: From Pendulums to Pleiadians Channeled by Nakala Akasie

horizon nightThe date is nearing of my 8th anniversary when I took a life-empowering dowsing class that created a bridge for the Pleiadian Masters of Light to begin communications with me. In my outer awareness I didn’t think any of this was possible: Transition – from pendulum to telepathic communication with a group of Pleiadians called the Akasie.

Often times we do not realize the possibilities of any particular step that we take – it is merely something we do because we have a desire to learn about something new, expand on a skill that we have already acquired, or a desire to create something. That is what happened to me.

I was given the information about a Dowsing class. It was not preplanned that I would learn to dowse. But when I saw the information I instinctively knew that I was to be there. I did not question the reason. I simply followed my desire – the prompting – the feeling or the knowing that this is what I was to do: it simply felt right! Continue reading

The I AM Kalmar Speaks

Yes – perfection – you take witness on the level of physicality! The knowing has permeated throughout your Beingness. You are thinking my thoughts. The blog yes, post these writings for others to read—to bring in the wisdom and understanding into their minds of their ascension.

What a joyous adventure to return home to the heart at last. To feel the rhythm of Love come into the physical—to know—to remember your true Divine nature—to love all of creation. Continue reading

The I AM Kalmar Speaks on the Awakening

Give thanks for all – each individual Presence – the collective – all functionalities of which serve you, as all is working to raise you higher in the stream of illumination of Light and Love.

Each episode you have of which you have not communicated effectively brings you closer to your destination – the grand platform: The Ascension. Always you draw ever nigh.

Yesterday we not speak of. Today is a new beginning to work to maintain balance. Continue reading

Separation From God: Part Two by Ascended Master Telmure Akasie

Separation from God is synonymous with the Fall of Man or when Satan fell from grace and was escorted out of Heaven.

To simplify the idea you must understand it is all about consciousness—The One Mind of God. When God expanded the One—His Consciousness—His Creation, He projected thought into different life forms and intelligences. (For easier interpretation we will use the pronoun He, but God is not male or female, God is Consciousness or the One Mind.) As He proceeded to expand His creation, God granted each creation (life form and intelligence, Man) to have free will. This means to make choices for himself. This is what we have come to call the personality or the Egoic Mind (Ego).

Continue reading