Separation From God: Part Two by Ascended Master Telmure Akasie

Separation from God is synonymous with the Fall of Man or when Satan fell from grace and was escorted out of Heaven.

To simplify the idea you must understand it is all about consciousness—The One Mind of God. When God expanded the One—His Consciousness—His Creation, He projected thought into different life forms and intelligences. (For easier interpretation we will use the pronoun He, but God is not male or female, God is Consciousness or the One Mind.) As He proceeded to expand His creation, God granted each creation (life form and intelligence, Man) to have free will. This means to make choices for himself. This is what we have come to call the personality or the Egoic Mind (Ego).

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From Mt. Shasta Separation From God: Part I Written by Sakeem of Telos, Mt. Shasta and Nakala Akasie

IMG_20160619_162148064July 13, 2016

Separation from God Part I

It is time to get back to contributing entries to this blog. The last few months have been a veritable flurry of activity in preparation for several engagements that the Pleiadian Masters of Light had asked me to do. As most of you know, I serve the Pleiadian Council of Light as a messenger, author, and speaker. This means I pass on messages from the Higher Realms of Light in a variety of methods to assist people on their way to a more expanded way, of looking at or understanding more fully, who they truly are.

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Mirrors: Holding the Vision Chapter Twenty

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mirrors front coverA thud coming from the other side of the house had been loud enough to distract me from my writings with Babaró. For me, it had been an unmistakable cause for concern. The sound wasn’t the normal pop that I often hear when the guides want to elaborate on a statement or to call my attention to what I am thinking at the time. This time, the sound had a different tone to it—an unexplainable solidity or heaviness to it. Either something had broken, fallen, or possibly one of the guides wanted to make a grand entrance for some reason. Anymore, this sort of thing usually doesn’t frighten me or even cause me to pause.

Even so, this time, I felt I should go see what had taken place. The sound came from the east side of the house. Because I was sitting in my office in the middle of the house, I had to walk through the living room and dining area. As I walked through the house I paid close attention to the energy. I scanned the rooms with my inner vision to see if I could detect any beings hanging around. Sometimes I will see them at the table reading or using these little devices that look to me like little hand-held computers or sitting on the floor somewhere immersed in some activity. Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness By Babaro

Master Guide and Teacher Babaro–Channeled By Jackie Mullinax
People from all walks of life are entangled in what you term addictions. Simply put, addictions are nothing more than an attempt to balance oneself, albeit, from a lower level of awareness. Your aim is to be free of addictions; never again do you wish to be driven or bound by a force outside of yourself that can’t be seen or understood; frankly who truly wants the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something of a physiological or psychological nature.
The physical body has been given to you as a modality, vehicle, or tool, if you will, for you as a spiritual being to express yourself through. Sounds simple? If you understood the entire story, you would agree.
As a human being, you have been residing in the third-dimensional awareness and have been rooted in the denser energies and the physicality of what the mass consciousness is creating and experiencing—the manifestations of the collective’s belief systems. However, as a spiritual being, it is your innate desire to be free of that dense energy; it doesn’t feel good to you. So you keep searching for ways to make yourself feel good—hence addictions. Continue reading

…Conversations With Kalmar

Thine is the Kingdom, the Power & the Glory forever! You, Nakala are an extension of me like an arm-seemingly independent but in reality, you move when I direct your thoughts are mine. It is only when the lower self-the personality-what appears real, but is only an illusion takes command believing this role that you have taken on as a homemaker, wife, friend, mother, daughter, artist, writer, etc., seems to be the real you-overshadows the Divinity in you. Know Dear One, this shadow can never take the place of your true nature which is Light-Love in equal measure.

Be gone from fear as it can no longer take residence in the temple. You are free at last.

Conversations with Kalmar

You are my precipitation-my creation! The physical form IS how I have chosen to Be on the sphere of the Earth Kingdom.

Know Nakala that we are the expression of many levels of consciousness-all encompassing: the physical is but one.

The mind expands ever upward and outward and is joined with all minds-The One.

Just now you are achieving-as this concept of my existence-this reality has been revealed to you raising your consciousness awareness to this indwelling of this creative aspect of the Divine during your physical embodiment (this one) giving you flight-purpose. Continue reading

Intro to Conversations With Kalmar

After my last post entitled, I AM KALMAR, the Master  Beings of Light gave me the directive to give a brief overview of how I became a channel or what they sometimes refer to as a Bridge for the High Beings of Light to connect with those on the Earth.

Since 1995, the year my oldest son committed suicide, I studied anything I could get my hands on regarding spirituality. I also began to connect with many people who had a more expanded awareness or were more connected to a higher understanding of Life. I am not talking about religious affairs but spiritual workshops and events. I had been practicing different meditations, automatic writing and so on. In addition, I had begun to receive messages from a few people who had passed on. Continue reading