Sakeem Speaks: The City of Telos, Mt. Shasta: the Descendants of Lemuria Post Two

My name is Sakeem and I have spent many years living with the people of Telos and others like them. Yes, there are others who have hidden themselves from the people who live on the surface of the Earth.

There are times that I give myself over to assist certain people with their spiritual development. To be clear everyone must have guidance to go forward on the path of the Divine. I am one who gives the teachings and the guidance. I AM that I AM.

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Sakeem Speaks: The City of Telos, Mt. Shasta: The Descendants of Lost Lemuria Post One

Thousands of years ago the continent of Lemuria had it’s final moment of glory and sunk beneath the murky waves of the Pacific Ocean taking with it millions of its inhabitants.  It seemed that the inevitable had finally arrived when the last tiny bit of land had vanished from view.

However, all was not lost, all did not have to reinvent themselves as remnants still remained, entombed so to speak, under the layers of earth’s crust. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks On Martial Law

Be it known to you, now the Ascended Masters—the Brotherhood of Light, Archangels, and other Beings of Great Light are in your midst to assist you in the process of expanding your awareness on all levels! We walk among you in the course of Evolution. This is our pledge to you!

Be it known that in some circles there has been talk on martial law being implemented—the enforcement of law to protect the citizens thereof. When there is public outcry or rioting from certain peoples there follows violence that threatens the very safety of the people. The government is said to be ‘of the people and by the people’ and therefore has the responsibility to protect the people. When lawful institutions already operational fail martial law may be utilized. Each situation is unique and must be handled with the utmost of care in order to not provoke additional rallying by the people in opposition. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks on the Mighty I AM

After all that we have done there continues to be more…

Mankind with their thoughts and feelings go forth into the world of the physical creating their reality. Unbeknownst to many of these beings who have taken residence in the human flesh what they are actually doing…what they are creating.

It is the effort of the hierarchy—those beings who reside in the heavenly realms—to reveal God’s Truth: you create your very own circumstance from your very own thought and emotion.  This is the law of cause and effect; a universal law. Continue reading

Sakeem Speaks on Spiriual Matters

As an Ascended Master I am well aware of what type of person it takes to carry forth our messages in the written form. The momentum this person must build and carry forth when it comes to discipline and commitment to communicate and receive our dictations in addition for the written word.

I have chosen this subject because of the countless hours given over unselfishly by those who work to perfect their writing skills and develop a unique style necessary to make their mark in the literary world—to have their work appreciated and sought after.

To become known in the literary field one must command a measurable amount of courage and fortitude as it is apparent that very few authors ever become well-known to the degree that they make it on the circuit. Very few indeed.

What does it take for someone to notice a specific writer… their talent… their unwavering initiative to go forward and their desire to make a difference in the world of form?

First, you must identify your audience. Second, reach out to that audience in a way that they want to respond to you and follow you. Find out what they want to hear and say it!

Because we write about spiritual matters our readers want to learn more about matters that falls under that category. Our readers or students are drawn in by a specific spiritual topic or shall I say they are being guided to learn a specific lesson because it is time to expand their level of awareness.

There are those who rely on inner guidance (intuitive hits), and/or follow synchronicities.  There are others, as well, who are interested in and researching precise information and continue forth in that area to learn as much about that subject as humanly possible until they have exhausted all leads concerned with that matter.

As master guide ascended I ask what subjects are of interest to you?  Do you wish to learn about your spiritual guides, the ascended masters, The Mighty I AM Presence? Perhaps there are other areas that interest you such as what affirmations work the best, which calls to make to The I AM Presence, the Angelic Host and so on. Perhaps you simply want to find out how to heal your physical body, learn to breathe or just be at peace.  There are many topics that may be covered under the umbrella of spirituality.

As a member of the Ascended Master Society or as many of you call the Great White Brotherhood, I am a teacher who has vowed to stay with this Earth to assist in evolution of man until the last member or soul has ascended to the fifth dimensional level. It is my purpose to stay with you and teach you what it is you require, in order, to lay down the fear and pick up LOVE in fullness once again.

It is my pleasure to address any issue that comes under the heading of spirituality.

It is my purpose to teach at the level of the student.

Sakeem Speaks: The Opportunity Presented in Marriage

We have taken many months off from contributing entries in the blog. It is time to pick up the paper and pen to begin our writings once again.

The move to Mt. Shasta, California has promoted exponential teachings and opportunities, as well, of which drew you forth in connectivity with others of like mind. Then came the one you sought—life partner and life as you knew it changed radically in appearance. Yet really all the joining does is amplify your thoughts and emotions be it of a positive nature or a negative one. Little else has shifted.

Oh, the living together—the marriage—yes, in the appearance world a significant change has taken place. But really what has this created? Opportunity! Opportunity to join forces to amplify LOVE! Look at this closely: what you do, you do for all.