Angelica From Andromeda

Unexpectedly, Angelica came to me one evening and began her transmission by introducing herself as Angelica and allowing me to see her in my mind’s eye. What I saw gave me great pause. Her head was covered in what I would call an Egyptian headdress which encompassed strings of shimmering white pearls that dangled and swayed as she moved. The headdress was crafted like the hair style of we would call a page-boy hair cut. I caught glimpses of her jet-black hair through the thick strands of pearls. I could almost feel the weight of the headdress that she wore and wondered how I would feel if I wore something so extravagant. The color of her skin was like white alabaster, supple, smooth, and flawless. She was absolutely gorgeous—exotic. She carried herself as one of high authority, stately—regal. She obviously was a powerful being. I was taken by her stunning appearance and manner and wondered where she was from and why she was here.
She began her introduction by saying, “I am new to this territory.” I could hear her rich laughter. “I tell you I am from far away—a blink of the eye . . . for me. I am Angelica.”
“The reasons I have come to this place, your home, are many. I am to teach you the ways of the Galaxy Andromeda.
There is much to accomplish in a short time. I am fully aware of your focus on the series of books entitled, When Angels Speak. I like the name. It suits the subject matter.”
“Your guides have created specifically to your needs and melded then accordingly to the needs of the people. Your guides work through you with a specific level of awareness. This is very good. They foresee what is being presented to the masses and choose accordingly. This is imperative and is a strategic move like with the game of chess; you must be able to foresee what your opponent will do and move accordingly.”
“Now, I speak of myself.” Just then she stopped her transmission to instruct me to quit sifting through my memory for information and to allow her to give me what she wanted me to receive. Immediately, I recognized that I had been unintentionally searching for clues from past conversations or information that I had gleaned from other sources that would help me further understand who this person was. I relaxed and allowed her to speak.
She reassured me by saying, “There, you are doing much better. We go forward.”
Suddenly, Angelica made a bold statement as if it were her truth, but she lifted the last syllable in the last word as if she were instead asking a question. “I am android, hybrid?” I hung on to the implications waiting for more. Not sure what she meant or where she might be going. Her next word was even more confusing for me. “She answered her own question with an emphatic, “No.”
Was she working to ease my mind or working to get me to examine the insurmountable possibilities?
“Earlier, I told you I was from Andromeda. You thought planet—no—this is galaxy. I instructed you to go to your internet and download pages, many from a site that has documented many, not all, of the different beings that inhabit solar system—yours—and others. We are in the same universe.”

Andromeda, in astronomy, northern constellation, in common usage, group of stars that appear to form a configuration in the sky; properly speaking, a constellation is a definite region of the sky in which the configuration of stars is contained. located to the NE of Pegasus and to the S of Cassiopeia. Its brightest star, Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae), marks the northeast corner of the Great Square in Pegasus. The constellation also contains the bright stars Mirach (Beta Andromedae) and Almach (Gamma Andromedae) and the famous Great Nebula, or Andromeda Galaxy, cataloged as M31 and NGC 224, the closest large galaxy to the Milky Way and the only one visible to the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also known as the Great Nebula in Andromeda. It is 2.
….. the only galaxy visible to the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere. Andromeda reaches its highest point in the evening sky in November.

With swift precision, Angelica changed the flow of her transmission by concluding. “With the psychic opening comes like the ocean tide—a great force of energy . . . the burst of brilliant color just like spring—all new, alive and of exquisite perfection.
Tonight is a gift for you like no other. Go now receive what is your birthright. Make it so. Open yourself to receive.” (Angelica was speaking of me making myself available to receive the DNA activations.) “I speak to you tomorrow. Busy we will be!”


Master Teachers Come and Go by Pleiadian Master Samuel Paul Akasie

beings-of-lightYour previous guardian, the Pleiadian Master Telmure Akasie, who had been overseeing your care and assisting you in particular life-lessons has taken leave. I, Master Samuel Paul have taken on his duties. Telmure is arranging some things to ease transition for you. You wonder what transition I am referring to. Nakala stay focused on what is before you. Know that there are those, many, who go before you to set into motions the alignments to make possible certain ways for you to serve. Always, we think of our counterparts in ways to assist them as they travel into the Light.  

This, what I say, is reminder to you of the many tasks we are set to. This promotes additional focus and expanded awareness enabling you to become stronger more devoted to/with the Presence—us—the union of all there: the ONE.

I’ll be with you always. Yes, I come and go. All is in a motion of design that is of the Light.

Master Samuel Paul Speaks on Divine Ideation

images (4)Master Samuel Paul Akasie. Today I speak on Divine Ideation. Ideas flow easily. You experience a peace and understand that all is in DIVINE ORDER. You are always given exactly the information required to take you further—to the next level on your Divine journey.

I speak of you, Nakala and husband, Ray El but this teaching is true with any man and woman, husband and wife. You serve differently, yet the same as Light beings with aspect masculine and feminine. You both have unique ways of display, unique way of perception. The mechanics of your mind; how you proceed in your thought process varies because of your current life, social standards or the laws of society. Your subconscious mind stores memories and beliefs that have been ingrained from past incarnations from centuries past and cultures many. They continue to have influence great. The two vary to a degree how you proceed in any given situation.

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Life Empowerment: From Pendulums to Pleiadians Channeled by Nakala Akasie — Pleiadian Traveler

horizon nightThe date is nearing of my 8th anniversary when I took a life-empowering dowsing class that created a bridge for the Pleiadian Masters of Light to begin communications with me. In my outer awareness I didn’t think any of this was possible: Transition – from pendulum to telepathic communication with a group of Pleiadians called the Akasie.

Often times we do not realize the possibilities of any particular step that we take – it is merely something we do because we have a desire to learn about something new, expand on a skill that we have already acquired, or a desire to create something. That is what happened to me.

I was given the information about a Dowsing class. It was not something that I had been thinking that I should learn. But when I saw the information, I instinctively knew that I was to be there. I did not question the reason. I simply followed my desire – the prompting – the feeling or the knowing that this is what I was to do: it simply felt right!

Since that time, I have gone on to channel the Beings of Light, taken my spiritual name, relocated to Mt. Shasta, California to be near the Lemurians in Telos, remarried, written five books (all co-written by members of my team the Akasie), began my career in public speaking, am teaching dowsing workshops with my husband, Ray El, and now I am starting my own publishing company. Who says we can’t have it all?

All I have done is follow my inner guidance.

Nakala Akasie

Messenger and Author for the Pleiadian council of Light


Triple Numbers: A Way to Spread a little Joy by the Akasie

When_Angels_Speak_Cover_for_KindleThe following is taken from my book When Angels Speak The Awakening: A Pleiadian Endeavor. April 1, 2009 Messages from the Angels.

This is one way the guides and angels will communicate with us.


111—New beginnings: Either in the physical or in the spiritual teachings.

222—Indicates going back to what you love.

333—You must repeat a lesson. Work and pay attention to everything you do. The details are important for you.

444—You are focusing on the external, the physical. Are you doing what makes your heart sing?

555—You are here in the now. Be grateful you have achieved Oneness.

666—Creator beckons you. Look to the heavens for refuge, peace, and love. Divine energy comes down to you. Just ask for it.

777—The water restoreth your soul; it cleanses and purifies. Drink and be whole.

888—We come down to bestow upon you the Heavenly Spirit and the multitude of gifts that can’t be seen with your physical eyes. Behold what cometh unto you, the energy of pure love. This energy is of the highest vibration known. When you ask or give to another, you always receive in abundance.

999—This comes to you when you have completed a level.

Cosmic Deities Lord Neptune & Lady Lunara


Lord Neptune and Lady Lunara begin communications.

As one of  the messengers for the Pleiadian Counsel of Light I receive messages from many of the cosmic beings. It is part of the expansion of awareness-illumination and part of becoming educated and more open to these beings that gives them permission, if you will, to begin communications.

Lord Neptune and Lady Lunara both began communicating with me and educating me even and today asked me to begin sharing those entries with you.


January 2, 2017

You have beside you one of my discourses (off the Internet) You’ll make note, if you do your homework, that there are few writings available for those who wish to expand their knowledge on the etherea; consciousness and what it entails. I offer to you tomorrow. [Lord Neptune was saying that tomorrow he would share more with me after I did a search.]

You have beside you background of humanity: why you as a collective consciousness are in the state of affairs as you are.

We continue on to educate those who have chosen to listen and have chosen to spread the teachings to others.

We, Lunara and I, have watched you & Ray El (my husband) for some time in hopes that someday you might reach out to us and offer your energies to bring together unity in a more expanded way-to bring forth the humans in a conscious manner to breed a partnership.

As you said yesterday, “We must begin somewhere.”  With God’s children who are aware is our way in. Tomorrow, please we meet again.

Disclosure: The Pleiadians are Here

Are you interested in why the Pleiadian star people and others like them are here?

Lately, in the media there have been pubic announcements from several countries that we are definitely not alone. Conclusion: for the US public disclosure is imminent.

Even though, for over seventy years, certain United States government officials have participated in communications with benevolent alien nations and received valuable data to advance our technologies with the intention to benefit our world, the government has chosen to remain silent for fear the information would leak out into the wrong hands (other countries). We have been left to draw our own conclusions to what these beings want from us.

During this same period of time the aliens have been establishing connections with people of all races, social classes, and educational standing in effort to educate the masses that there are benevolent beings here to assist in our evolution.

Sightings by civilians of UFO crafts and of the beings themselves are becoming more prevalent. Beings are establishing higher dimensional “bases” in the airspace and on/in the Earth as well. These locations and communications have been kept secret until disclosure of those sites and activities have been sanctioned by those of higher authority.

The Pleiadians are not the only race in our Galaxy that have revealed their presence.

This website is for those who have an affinity to the Pleiadians or other Beings of Light.

The purpose of this site and the Pleiadian Traveler books are to

  • Inspire you to re-connect with your spirituality—to remember who you are

  • Give you guidance on your path to spiritual mastery

  • Increase your understanding enabling you to heal from past trauma