Healing at Mt. Shasta by Nakala

I have been home in Shawnee, Kansas from my trip to northern California for ten days now.  While I was visiting Mt. Shasta I found myself immersed in nature and loving it!  Here in Kansas I am faced with extremes.  The winters are brutal dipping the temperature sometimes below the zero mark on the thermostat.  The summers get intolerably hot reaching 100 plus degrees.  The heat bakes everything including us.  The prairies, although magnificent in the expanse of it all, are usually without any vegetation other than grass.  Our bodies of water the lakes, rivers and even streams are often no more than a muddy soup. 

While I was living in the mountains I would wake up in my cabin and one of the first things I would do was to throw open the solid green cotton curtains revealing a new day of promise.  Being greeted by Sun’s warm rays I was easily able to go into gratitude. 

My cabin was nestled in between the mountains—protected if you will from the extreme elements.  Often we would receive the gentle rains and breezes while other areas would receive stronger winds and snow.  There was something about the place that steadied the weather. 

Every day, I marveled at the giant evergreen and pine trees that stood everywhere strong and majestic clearing and grounding the energy.  I was surrounded by the masses of stones which have held their position for centuries unmoving even in the strongest winds—they too ground the energies. Directly behind the cabin the clear pristine spring waters flowed from the top of the mountain serving to sooth the souls with song.  And with it all there was the beautiful expanse of the ever-changing sky that angelic forces use as a canvas to create fantastic energies of form.  I found myself relaxing and healing as the days swept by. 

My bed room faced the stream and at night I could hear the water weaving its way down and through the crooks of the land, boulders and fallen trees.  Even though it seemed the water had a great intention and purpose to get to the bottom it created a song that was gentle and healing—like a childhood lullaby.

On every level I was healing.  I knew it because I could feel it and I wanted to continue on this journey that felt so right and perfect.  But my time on the mountain was to end as all things do. 

As the days of my stay grew shorter a sadness grew inside of me and I made a promise to myself and the mountain called Shasta that I would return.  

Sakeem Speaks Channeled by Nakala

You along with all peoples of this Earth have incarnated in this life cycle at the propensity of our Karmic Leader Lord Kuthumi.
Your sphere renders neither a pattern nor flame of that which is of a size proportionate to qualify for ascension at this time as a mass consciousness.
[Your planetary energy-combined light is neither sufficient nor objectionable when surveyed or accessed by the Lords of Karma.]

Sakeem Speaks on the Condition of Man Channeled by Nakala

The cold has settled in for the long haul. The peoples stay indoors as much as they can as to be outdoors is uncomfortable. The skin is alive as with all other organs. The cold slows down the flow of blood—the life force. You are well aware that if your skin and tissue freeze this part of you dies. Left to the elements you will ultimately die.

Sakeem, what a strange topic you have chosen to speak on for our blog.

Ah, yes, strange indeed. But really not so strange as what I speak on is energy—the flow of the life force. To sustain life you must have the flow of the life force and it must flow in all areas of your body, not only, but it must flow in all areas of the world and beyond. This must be in order to be in alignment with God’s Will.

Sakeem, so you are saying death and decay are not in alignment with God’s Will?

No, death and decay are not God’s will but is a result, devastating at that, to man’s choice to walk alone-away from God.

My Name Is Sakeem By Nakala

My Experiences working as a Spiritual Channel

The first time I heard Sakeem speak to me I was at Cooperate Woods in Overland Park, Kansas during a Flow session facilitated by Dr. Jonah. I was lying face down, my eyes closed doing deep breathing on the massage table when I heard Sakeem introduce himself to me. He had caught my attention that is for sure. He then asked me for permission to work with me. I knew Sakeem was a spirit guide but what I didn’t know was what, exactly, his expertise was or how he wanted to assist me.

Before I could connect to any of my regular guides my session ended and I promptly forgot the entire thing.
The following day I was in the middle of a crystal bed session and I heard Sakeem again announce himself. I noticed that Sakeem was standing back a bit by not intruding in my space (my inner ear). Quickly, I connected with Samuel Paul, an ascended master I work with on a regular basis, and asked if it was for my higher good to work with Sakeem. Without pausing, Samuel Paul told me, “Yes.” So I said to Sakeem that yes, I would work with him.

Wanting to understand how Sakeem was to work with me I began to ask him questions, like what is your job? How are you going to assist me? His response was, “I am here to assist you in balancing your energy.”

I really thought that was a vague answer as he could be here to help me tweak my disciplines with my diet or exercise or he could just stand there and radiate energy to me. Heck, I didn’t know. As I sifted through my mind as to different ways a light being may assist someone in balancing I heard Sakeem begin to speak.

My name is Sakeem Emanuel Akasie. I am your brethren from the star of Pleiades. We reside on the hill top of Myra our great city—our kingdom of which Quem and Sarah are King and Queen.

I am like angel. My post is to give of myself freely by giving to you a precise flow of energy—as you require to sustain the physical flesh—vehicle. Yes, I am like glue. I stick to you to assist—to lift up while you tread the earth through the dense energy and through the many layers of “soot” that have accumulated around, on and in your physical body.

I am one who works to dislodge and release all—in addition replace with light.

Because you have received gift to hear with inner ear I also speak to you. You desire this and it gives me great pleasure to interact with you in this way.

I would love to create blog and yes, we have infinite material to glean from to place therein.

How, I meet you? Ah…I have known you always, Nakala. But last season when you traveled to Brazil, I know then I desire to work with you on the level we communicate on now.

You have great tenacity, motivation—the desire to serve but also have a wealth of wisdom as you are aware that you are still on road to learn craft.

To serve as you desire one must be ready in fullness like the rose in full bloom with a steady flow of divine cosmic love to sustain in fullness or you wither. We, none of us, desire this. Because of this we take steps many to ensure strength.

You must be steady always to walk this path of the Divine.

“The Mighty I AM” By Master Babaro Channeled By Nakala

The energies—the cosmic divine energy of love comes in waves stronger as it has been made possible for this activity through the thoughts and feelings of people such as you!
The masters work with you every moment to further your awareness and in turn you raise your focus to the mighty I AM presence—God in action through you! We assist you only because of your sincere desire to ascend from the dense vibrations of anger, resentment, the desire to control others—all derived from fear!
The waves of love come stronger and stronger.
Work with the people. They must hear with their ears the simple truth that they are manifesting their reality through the mighty I AM. Because of free will they may use it for any endeavor.
However, I say it is God’s design for you to use—direct the mighty I AM for the benefit of all of creation only! Peace Be with you. ~Babaro

“Going Forward” Channeled by Nakala

There must be absolute obedience concerning our direction.  No longer shall you question our direction but you are to walk in the knowing that we work together for the highest good of all of creation.

We begin with simple tasks.  When you follow through with full faith we will take you forward. ~Babaro